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No, Leaked Videos Do Not Show Widespread Voter Fraud, 'Ballot Stuffing' in '16 Democratic Primary

A report that widespread voter fraud was carried out by Hillary Clinton supporters during the 2016 primary election in at least three key states is fake news.

Published Oct 12, 2016

Surveillance video captured widespread voter fraud carried out by Hillary Clinton supporters during primary elections.

On 10 October 2016, the Christian Times Newspaper web site published an article reporting that "new evidence is surfacing" showing "widespread voter fraud carried out by Hillary Clinton supporters during the primary election":

With less than a month before the presidential election, new evidence is surfacing that alleges to show widespread voter fraud carried out by Hillary Clinton supporters during the primary election in at least 3 key states.

Christian Times Newspaper has obtained hidden camera and surveillance footage from what we are told are primary polling sites in Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Arizona. All three of these states were vital to Clinton’s eventual defeat of insurgent challenger Bernie Sanders, and Clinton won all three by very thin margins.

The videos, which have been combined below, appear to show election observers and judges “stuffing” ballot boxes with fraudulent votes when the polling place is empty and they are alone. Several show election judges working together — sometimes even serving as “look outs” — to slip presumably fraudulent Clinton votes in with the rest of the ballots.

This report is false, and no alleged "hidden camera and surveillance footage" documenting voter fraud is actually viewable on the site. The screenshot that accompanies the article was actually taken from BBC news footage about alleged vote fraud in Russia, not the United States:

The Christian Times Newspaper (not to be confused with the legitimate Christian Times newspaper) is a fake news web site that has exploited the current political scene by publishing multiple fabricated clickbait stories related to the upcoming presidential election, including a false claim that thousands of pre-marked ballots for Hillary Clinton and other Democratic candidates had been found in a warehouse in Ohio.

David Mikkelson founded the site now known as snopes.com back in 1994.

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