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Was This a Real Leaked ‘Script’ of the Next Nintendo Direct?

The digital games showcase was rumored to be making another return in the summer of 2023.

Published Jun 15, 2023

 (Screenshot via Twitter/TheEmSwizzle)
Image Via Screenshot via Twitter/TheEmSwizzle
A Twitter photograph accurately shows the leaked script for the next Nintendo Direct showcase for June 2023.

Gaming fans look forward every year to a handful of Nintendo Direct digital showcases that reveal their upcoming lineup of digital games. A previous showcase in February 2023 revealed the highly anticipated "Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom," a "Metroid Prime" remake, and more. With rumors of a new Nintendo Direct coming up in the summer of 2023, a viral tweet in June claimed to have the "script" for the next showcase.

The Twitter account @TheEmSwizzle tweeted, alongside a blurry picture of a document with the names of purported upcoming games, "Nintendo Direct script leaked get ready." The document, which seemed to be displayed via a computer screen, had game titles like "Tomodachi Skyport," which was purportedly scheduled for release in "Fall 2023," "Call of Duty Switch" for 2024, and more.


The tweet soon went viral, with many believing it to be real.

However, this script was not real and was intended as a joke. The original poster added a disclaimer: "Well woke up to this getting more attention than it should've... I thought we knew these were jokes."


We searched for any confirmation that there will be another Nintendo Direct coming in the summer of 2023, and found a lot of rumors and speculation. Jeff Grubb, reportedly an industry insider, said he had heard "early rumblings" that something would be taking place in July 2023, "whether that is a proper Direct or a partner Direct or any third-party showcase Direct." 

A reporter with video game news website Kotaku also shared the rumors:

We reached out to Nintendo to ask about the veracity of the supposed "script" and will update this post if we hear back.

Given that the original creator of the fake script tweeted that it was a joke, and we have no official confirmation from Nintendo about the nature of the supposed upcoming reveals, we rate this claim as "Originated as Satire." 


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