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Did Kit Kat Make 'No Straight Lines' Bar for Pride Month?

A diagonal line is a straight line set on an angle.

Published May 23, 2021

Image Via Twitter
A photograph shows a Kit Kat bar with "no straight lines" that was released in celebration of "Gay Month."

An image supposedly showing a special Kit Kat bar designed for "Gay Month" circulated on social media in May 2021:

This meme got a number of things wrong.

For starters, and most importantly, this image does not show a new "Kit Kat" bar or any other piece of chocolate produced by Nestle or the Hershey Company. It's also worth noting that people who celebrate the LGBTQ community typically talk about the month of June as "Pride Month" not "Gay Month" as written in the meme. Lastly, the central "joke" of this meme — that it contains "no straight lines" — is simply incorrect. Although these are diagonal lines that intersect with one another, they are still straight lines.

While the above-displayed image does not show a special Pride Month Kit Kat bar, this is a genuine image of a chocolate bar designed by Chocolate World, a Belgian company that sells various molds and tempering machines to make chocolate. Chocolate World posted a photograph of the mold to their Instagram page in May 2019:

Chocolate World writes on Instagram that this mold, a slanting fault line chocolate tablet mold, was "100% designed to be different" and "100% meant for sharing."

Dan Evon is a former writer for Snopes.

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