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Missing Person: Joseph Rummerfield

Is a 37-year-old man named Joseph Rummerfield missing from the Tulare, California, area?

Published Feb 6, 2013

Claim:   A 37-year-old man named Joseph Rummerfield is missing from the Tulare, California, area.


Example:   [Collected via Facebook, January 2013]

He is not a soda company, a cute kitten, an adorable puppy, a child trying to get a puppy, someone trying to find their birth parent, the latest shoe style, he is simply my son and he has been missing since 1/16/2013. His name is Joseph Rummerfield, not Joe or Joey, he goes by Joseph. He is mentally disabled, suffers from a seizure disorder and has been homeless. Lets see how many of you have the heart to share this message for a homeless person. He may be in Bakersfield, California or anywhere. He left with a man who is an amputee in a Class C Motorhome with a large black lab. Stand up, be brave and please share this, it doesn't matter where you live, he could be anywhere and most of all, he could be your son! I have seen you share much less important stuff, help me find my son! There is a missing person report and he has been repoted to NAMUSA/MissinginCalifornia as well. I have passed around things for you please help me now!


Origins:   The above-quoted message was posted by Jean Kester, whose homeless son Joseph Rummerfield had been missing from the Tulare, California area since 16 January 2013. Joseph was described as white, 6' tall, 145 lbs, with hazel eyes, sandy blonde hair, and a small scar on the bony part of his chin.

According to an information sheet distributed via the Internet, Joseph was:

Last seen with an older man with an amputated leg and a large black Labrador. They were in a 1970's-1980's Class C motor home with a Ford front end, off-white or light tan. The man was described as heavyset with long brown hair, a brown beard, and only one leg. Joseph has a seizure disorder, a speech disability, and is mentally disabled and very trusting. He left behind his beloved dog, Hunter, and he has never left his dog before. He also stays in the area of Tulare/Visalia, California, and stays in close contact with his family, but he has failed to check in since 26 January 2013. He carries no identification with him.

Joseph's mother told us on 10 February 2013 that he had just been found was being dropped off in Oregon.

Last updated:   10 February 2013

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