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Jordan Embry's Like Farm

Rumor: Jordan Embry is giving away thousands of dollars to people who like his Facebook page.

Published Apr 6, 2015

Claim:   Jordan Embry is giving away thousands of dollars to people who like his Facebook page.


Example:   [Collected via email, April 2015]

I keep seeing posts shared on Facebook that someone named Jordan Embry is sharing pictures of money that he claims he is giving away. Is this fake? I don't believe it but many people do.


Origins:   On 6 April 2015, a message started circulating around Facebook that a man named Jordan Embry was giving away thousands of dollars to people who liked his Facebook page:

Although thousands of people have followed Embry's instructions and liked, commented, and shared his Facebook message, those people should not expect to receive any money from Jordan Embry, as the above-displayed post is merely part of a "like farming" scam:

These posts work by slowly gathering likes for a Facebook page, usually full of innocent content like famous quotes or photos. However, the true purpose of these pages is often to gain enough traction in Facebooks algorithm to begin appearing in users news feeds. The owners of the page can then post advertising and links that reach a much wider audience because of the groundwork theyve laid by collecting likes. They can link to whatever products or sites they wish, including products that they may receive a commission on or identity-stealing malware.

Scammers have also established fake celebrity pages and phony car giveaway promotions in order to gain exposure on Facebook.

Last updated:   6 April 2015

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