Does Actor Jeff Goldblum Have a Food Truck Called ‘Chef Goldblum’s’?

The Jurassic Park star was handing out sandwiches as part of a promotion for an upcoming film project.

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Actor Jeff Goldblum has a food truck called "Chef Goldblum's."


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Actor Jeff Goldblum has been handing out free sandwiches from a food truck in Sydney, Australia.

It's not a new line of work for the multi-talented actor. He is on record saying it's part of research or promotion for a new film project.

He has not divulged what that project may be.


On 25 April 2017, social media users began posting photographs and videos showing Jurassic Park and Independence Day actor Jeff Goldblum handing sausage sandwiches out from a food truck which was cheekily named “Chef Goldblum’s.”

Goldblum, who is also an accomplished pianist and the frequent subject of Internet memes, told Australian radio host Merrick Watts he was handing out food in Sydney as part of a promotion for an upcoming film project, though he was tight-lipped about the nature of that project:

It’s kind of a secret, it’s a mystery that I can’t divulge but I’m filming something here that has something to do with food. What do you think about that. … I was giving out sandwiches, that I was, I can tell you that.

The brief interview, which aired on 104.9 Triple M Sydney on 26 April 2017, can be heard here:

It’s unclear how long Goldblum plans to hand food out but Australian social media users said he was at Wynard Park and chatting with people when they got to the window.

Goldblum will reprise his role as eccentric mathematician Ian Malcolm in a 2018 Jurassic Park sequel but did not say whether the role is related to his food truck adventures.

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