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Jason Aldean Announced a 'Straight Day of Visibility Concert'?

"They took away our Easter," a post on Facebook read, "now it's time to take away something of theirs."

Published April 5, 2024

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Singer Jason Aldean announced his intention to hold a “Straight White Male Day Of Visibility" concert.

On April 7, 2024, claims emerged on Facebook that country music star Jason Aldean, along with Kid Rock and other country music superstars, would be performing a "Straight Day of Visibility Concert." 

The move, according to the story shared alongside the claim, was allegedly inspired by the co-occurrence of Easter Sunday and Trans Day of Visibility in 2024:

Jason Aldean, Kid Rock and other country music superstars, who are all Christian conservative patriots are announcing the "Straight White Male Day Of Visibility" to counter this evil. It will be a huge concert with worship, guest speakers and of course, country music. No Beyonce here folks. No Bud light either. 

For far too long, liberals have highlighted these transgender people, pretending the straight while male just doesn't exist. So this will counter all of that. There will be displays of straight pride, ultra manly shows of force, the most toxic of all masculinity, wrestling, guns, sexy women, everything celebrating straight white males. 

This claim stems from a well-known satirical source: America's Last Line of Defense. A disclaimer on the bottom of this page states that "nothing on this page is real."

As Snopes has reported in the past, Last Line of Defense is an entertainment publication that does not publish factual stories. The website carries a "Satire" tag in its footer and says on its original About page that all of its content is fictional.

Because the claim stems from a website whose output has such a disclaimer, we rate the claim's truth as "Labled Satire." 

For background, here is why we sometimes write about satire/humor.


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