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Is This Video of a Theme Park Ride in India Collapsing?

A horrifying video shows one arm of the pendulum-style ride breaking off and falling.

Published July 17, 2019

Image courtesy of Twitter
A video shows the moment at which an amusement park ride in India collapsed in July 2019.

A theme park ride in India collapsed on July 14, 2019, killing two people and injuring 29, according to local officials. A cellphone video of the incident shows one arm of the pendulum-style ride, which was packed with people, breaking off and falling.

Perhaps because the video is alarming, some readers asked us whether it was real, and sadly it is. Vijay Nehra, municipal commissioner for Ahmedabad, the city in western India where the incident occurred, tweeted on the day of the accident that authorities would commence a criminal investigation.

The Indian news broadcasting network New Delhi Television Limited (NDTV) reported that six people, including the director of the company managing the site Kankaria Adventure Park, have been arrested in connection with the ride's collapse.

As investigations into the cause of the incident were underway, police identified the victims as 24-year-old Manali Rajwadi and 22-year-old Mohammad Javed, according to NDTV.

NDTV also reported that 30 people were on the ride when it broke, and of the 29 injured, 15 were critical.


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