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Is the 'Human Nacho Spa Treatment' Real?

A video purporting to show a new spa treatment is actually repurposed footage from a comedy video.

Published Apr 17, 2017

A video shows a new health trend called the "human nacho spa treatment."

In April 2017, a video of a man getting covered in melted cheese, guacamole, and other nacho-related ingredients was appeared on social media with the claim that it shows a new spa treatment that was "trending across California":

This video does not show a new trend in the spa industry, but instead was created for a comedy video for "This is Mythical", a new YouTube channel from Rhett and Link (Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal), the comedy duo behind the "Good Mythical Morning" talk show and the "Ear Biscuits" podcast.

Some of the footage shown in the video can also be seen in another sketch from Rhett and Link. On 12 April 2017, a day before the "Human Nacho Spa Treatment" video was shared, the comedy duo completed the "Human Nacho Challenge." This sketch was inspired by viewers' answers to a question about eating nachos, not a new trendy spa treatment:

Rhett and Link created the "human nacho" after fans said that the best way to eat nachos was "naked" and "fully loaded." As the footage resembled some sort of bizarre spa treatment, the footage was re-edited and shared along with the humorous (but false) claim that the "Human Nacho Spa Treatment" was sweeping the nation.


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Dan Evon is a former writer for Snopes.

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