Hillary Clinton Supporter Stands on American Flag

A clearly doctored image does not depict a woman standing on an American flag while waving a "Hillary for President 2016" banner.


An image depicts a Hillary Clinton supporter standing on an American flag while waving a "Hillary for President 2016" banner.




On 18 July 2016, a Facebook user shared the above-reproduced image of a woman standing on an American flag while waving a banner clearly doctored to read “Hillary for President 2016.” Despite the photograph’s visual evidence of sloppy digitial editing, many social media users shared the image as “speaking 1,000 words” about “Hillary’s America”:

A reverse image search automatically tied the photograph to a woman named “Latausha Nedd”:

latausha nedd

A reverse image search also revealed that in the original, unedited photograph, Nedd was waving a Pan-African Flag (or “BlacK Liberation Flag”) and not a “Hillary for President 2016” banner:

hillary supporter stands on flag

Nedd (who occasionally goes by the name “Eye Empress Sekhmet”) was arrested in September 2015 for making online threats against police officers:

A woman accused of making videos calling people to kill police officers appeared in a Clayton County court.

The woman in the video, Latausha Nedd, who goes by the name Eye Empress Sekhmet, calls for a war on not only white people, but she advocates shooting police officers.

“I say let’s have a take a gun day, and start walking up on these untrained and stealing their weapons,” Nedd said.

After her arrest, Nedd appeared on Fox News Channel’s “The Kelly File” to discuss the controversy over her videos (which she claims were selectively edited):

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        24 September 2015.

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