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Did Hillary Clinton Respond to Donald Trump on Truth Social About His Indictment?

The biggest piece of evidence that this was a fake post? The original poster publicly admitted it.

Published Mar 31, 2023

Image Via Twitter
On March 30, Hillary Clinton responded to Donald Trump on his social platform Truth Social about his indictment the day before on hush-money charges.

On March 31, 2023, a Twitter post claimed that 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had replied to former President Donald Trump on his social platform Truth Social after hush-money indictment charges were filed against him the day before. Trump was indicted in connection with payments made before the 2016 election to pornographic film actress Stormy Daniels.

But the post was fake and wasn't from Clinton.

"Trump is in rare form today," twitter user @tonyposnanski tweeted. Attached to the post was a screenshot that claimed Clinton had replied, "He is on the beach reading your indictment" to Trump posting "WHERE'S HUNTER?"

We reached out to the original poster, who responded, "I am praying you are trolling me and do not actually work for Snopes." After we reached out, he posted that he hated "everything about this place" and circled the username of the Clinton Truth Social "post" — @BIGJUICYMAGADONG8756839 — to signal it wasn't really her.

We found that both posts are indeed on Truth Social, but the reply from Clinton was fake. She doesn't have an account on the platform. Truth Social is an alternative to mainstream social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and many politicians don't have active Truth Social accounts.

All of Clinton's official social media accounts use her first and last name as the username. For example, her Twitter username is @HillaryClinton. The username of the account that replied to Trump was a far cry from her name.

The account only had 57 followers at the time of publication. The last time it posted a "Truth" that wasn't a reply was April 2022. Clinton's official social media accounts all have millions of followers, and have also all updated within the last month.

The Clinton Truth Social account seemed to be a joke account that mainly replies to Trump. For example, a reply to one of Trump's posts on March 18 said, "That's what you get for fucking around and finding out, fuckface." Other replies that have been posted recently to the account are in the same vein.

The biggest piece of evidence that this was a fake post? The original poster publicly admitted it. In a Twitter reply posted before we reached out, the account posted, "I'm just thankful it [the name] wasn't taken" when responding to someone who commented about the username.

We previously fact-checked other claims related to Trump's indictment, including that it had actually happened on March 30.


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Izz Scott LaMagdeleine is a fact-checker for Snopes.