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Harrison Ford Holding a Trump Sign?

That photograph of Harrison Ford holding a Trump sign is fake.

Published March 16, 2016

Harrison Ford endorsed Donald Trump via a photograph in which he held up a campaign sign.

On or around 14 March 2016, the above-reproduced photograph began circulating on Facebook, appearing to show actor Harrison Ford holding a Donald Trump campaign sign.

The image is fake, and is easily disproved using a reverse search. Ford shared the original photograph as proof for a 13 April 2014 "Ask Me Anything" session on Reddit, and the image at the time was clearly different:

harrison ford trump sign

The same photo has been digitally altered to show Ford's sign saying several different things:

Han shot first

Photo and sign aside, any speculation on whether or not Ford might be endorsing Trump was put to rest by a representative for Ford on 15 March 2016:

Ina Treciokas, Ford’s representative, confirmed to BuzzFeed News that the photo was fake. “He’s not endorsing him for president,” she said.

Kim LaCapria is a former writer for Snopes.