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Gene Simmons Death Hoax

Was Gene Simmons found dead in his house in November 2007?

Published Nov 17, 2007

Claim:   KISS frontman Gene Simmons was found dead in his house in November 2007.

Status:   False.

Example:   [Collected via e-mail, November 2007]

Late last night early on November 16th famous KISS frontman Gene Simmons

was found dead in his house. "He was found late in the night by his daughter Sophie." said reporter Russ Burnside.

Investigators are not sure of how the fan favorite KISS member and reality TV show star on Gene Simmons Family Jewels died or they are not releasing full details to the public just yet.

Gene's partner; Shannon Tweed's exact words "Gene, was a fun loving man and a great father, it's a real tragedy that such a great mans life could end on such a short note. He will truly be missed."

So if you have a heart please repost this and take a minute and pray for the Simmons family.

And if you don't repost this no one will kill you and no one will hurt you and no you won't have bad luck for seven years. You not posting this just shows you have no heart.

So please just repost as "in loving memory of Gene Simmons."

Origins:   This item about the death of KISS frontman Gene Simmons first hit our inbox on 15 November 2007 and is yet another Internet-spread celebrity death hoax.

Although the supposed news report reproduced above (spread via MySpace) claims Simmons was found dead in his house, there has been no public announcement or media mention of his having passed away. This item is simply a clone of a similar hoax about drummer Travis Barker that had been circulated a few days earlier.

Last updated:   17 November 2007


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