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Salvation Army: Gays Not Allowed

Image shows Salvation Army bell ringers posing with a sign reading 'Gays Not Allowed'?

Published Dec 10, 2013

Claim:   Image shows Salvation Army bell ringers posing with a sign reading 'Gays Not Allowed.'


Example:   [Collected via e-mail, September 2013]

This photo was posted on Facebook accompanying a link to an article titled "Salvation Army says 'Gays Need to Be Put to Death.'

The photo does not appear with the actual article, so I am wondering if it has been Photoshopped to change the words on the sign.

Several people have posted pictures of ObamaCare ads. Wondering if these ads really exist.


Origins:   The image displayed above showing two female Salvation Army bell ringers posing with one of that charity's famous red donation collection kettles and a sign reading "Gays Not Allowed" is often circulated in tandem with another item about that charity's stance towards homosexuality. However, the image isn't real; it's just a critical spoof based on a digitally altered version of a standard Salvation Army promotional photograph showing a couple of volunteer bell ringers posing with a sign bearing the Salvation Army motto "Doing the Most Good":

Last updated:   10 December 2013



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