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No, This Isn't a Real Headline About Cuba and Woodchippers

The fabricated headline appeared to be a response to media reports of political repression in Cuba.

Published Nov 17, 2021

 (Screenshot, @KyleTrainEmoji Twitter page)
Image Via Screenshot, @KyleTrainEmoji Twitter page
A Vice News headline claimed that the Cuban government is "literally just throwing people straight into the woodchipper."

In mid-November 2021, a social media user shared a fake headline mocked up to look like one published by Vice News that said people were being thrown "straight into the woodchipper" in Cuba:

We found no such headline published by Vice News on Nov. 14, 2021, and the meme appears to have been created as backlash to coverage of Cuba, a country run for decades by a socialist government.

The timing of the fake headline coincided with reports in various mainstream news sources accusing the Cuban government of repression of political dissent, describing an anti-government demonstration, planned for Nov. 15, 2021, that failed to materialize. Vice News may have been singled out for use the above meme because the outlet has been critical in its coverage of the Cuban government's treatment of political dissent.


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