Fake Anti-Marijuana Picture Rips Off ‘Walking Dead’ Producer

A picture circulating online uses a picture of actor Steven Yeun while advising, "Say no to drugs, people."

Image via Flickr


A picture of a man with his head split open documents the effect of marijuana use.




A widely-circulated Facebook post on 26 October 2016 graphically showed what it described as the effects of marijuana use. The photograph showed a man with a badly damaged scalp and one eye bulging out of its socket, with the caption reading:

Still think Marijuana is cool and hip? This guy smoked the Marijuana every day for a week. And this was the result. Say no to drugs people

Within a day, the image was shared thousands of times on the social media platform. It also surfaced on Twitter with the same caption.

In reality, the picture is a shot of Walking Dead star Steven Yeun in the makeup chair, and was posted by the show’s special effects makeup head, Greg Nicotero, on Instagram the same day.

Marijuana has a number of effects on the body, and whether or not it is deleterious over time is still a matter of debate.  However, it is safe to say that consuming marijuana will most likely not leave you with a split head and an eye pushed from its socket.

The Yeun picture is, however, an example of the meme known online as Faces of Marijuana, a parody of anti-drug public service announcements dating back to 2011.

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