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U.S. Surrenders Sovereignty to U.N.

Is the U.S. surrendering its sovereignty to the U.N.?

Published Sep 20, 2000

Claim:   The U.S. is about to surrender its sovereignty to the United Nations, and other assorted political calamities.

Status:   False.

Example:   [Collected on the Internet, 2000]

I have a sister-in-law that works for the largest public relations firm in Detroit, actually located out of Troy.

They are personally handling all the events out of the U.N. this past week. She called in tears tonight. What they have heard is beyond belief:

1) Clinton has signed over the Sovereignty of our country to the U.N.

2) China will take over Taiwan by mid-October.

3) Russia will make a full scale attack on the "lost" regions, to gain full strength.

4) Martial Law will be declared by Mid-October. The shift of the jurisdiction will go to the "Judicial" side, thus in the hands of Janet Reno.

5) Martial Law will suspend the political elections.

6) Israel has already stepped out, and signed a declaration of war, against IRAQ.

7) Clinton is positioning himself as the next leader of the U.N.

Origins:   Yes, it's true: The United States is about to declare martial law, cancel elections, and relinquish its sovereignty to the United Nations, China is poised to take over Taiwan, Israel has declared war on Iraq, and you're hearing about it all not on the news, but in an anonymous e-mail from somebody's sister-in-law in Detroit.

Besides, the U.S. obviously can't declare martial law, because Wal-Mart still hasn't returned all the unused signs from last year.

Last updated:   25 March 2007


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