Donald Trump ‘Portuguese People’ Quote

A fake quote from Donald Trump about Portuguese people was started by a Facebook "prank" web site.

  • Published 17 May 2016


Donald Trump said that "Portuguese people are the same as Spanish, but with worse wine."

Did Trump ever say "Portuguese people are the same as Spanish, but with worse wine"

Collected via e-mail, May 2016



A quote supposedly from Donald Trump that Portuguese people are the “same as Spanish but with worse wine” was widely circulated on Facebook in early 2016:

donald trump quote

The above-displayed Facebook post redirected users to the “prank” web site where readers were briefly presented with a fake news article:

The candidate makes another shocking comment, this time insulting the population of the european country of Portugal, known for it’s….

The above-quoted article was only available for a few seconds before the web site refreshed and informed people that they had been pranked:

prank web site

The web site allows users to create “pranks” that they can share with their friends on Facebook. The “frequently asked questions” section explained how the site works:

ShareOnFb is a site where you can create prank stories and share them on social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter…

I wanna read the whole story but it faded out for me!
The fake filler story from our pranks is an excerpt from our favorite short story call “The Last Question” by Issac Asimov, we highly recommend you check it out.