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Rick Santorum: Being Female Is a Mental Disorder

Did Rick Santorum say that 'you need to treat females as though they have a mental disorder'?

Published Feb 18, 2012

Claim:   Rick Santorum said that "you need to treat females as though they have a mental disorder."


Example:   [Collected via e-mail, February 2012]

Was this a Rick Santorum quote?

"It has been my experience that when dealing with females, you need to treat them as though they have a mental disorder ... especially those that are constantly seeking equality in the workplace, the military, and in the home. Women need to know their place and need to know when it is okay for them to speak. They were put on this earth for two reasons, and two reasons alone: taking care of their husband, and giving birth to his children ... that is all. Any woman who tells you otherwise is obviously touting the liberal agenda of equality, and they need to be told the truth of their purpose. It is a disorder that can be fixed, but not until they go through several years of therapy to understand that they need to be subservient."


Origins:   The quote reproduced above is not something actually uttered by Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum; it's an excerpt from a fictitious article published on 15 February 2012 by the satirical web site Free Wood Post, whose slogan is "News That's Almost Reliable." The article spoofed some of the former Pennsylvania senator's recent comments about women serving in the military and in the work force.

Last updated:   18 February 2012

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