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Demi Lovato Death Hoax

The pop singer is still being treated after an overdose but is alive and expected to leave the hospital soon.

Published Aug. 2, 2018

Patrick Dempsey-Impersonation
Patrick Dempsey-Impersonation
Singer and actress Demi Lovato passed away in August 2018.

In July 2018, pop singer Demi Lovato made headlines when she was hospitalized after an overdose. Although she was reportedly recovering well afterwards, one website soon rehashed the news coverage of her overdose and prefaced their write-up with a couple of paragraphs claiming Lovato had passed away:

American pop star and actress Demi Lovato who was rushed to hospital in Los Angeles after a reported heroin overdose has died, spokesman said in a statement.

Lovato died at the age of 25 while on admission at the hospital but the statement did not mention the cause of her death.

The report of Lovato's death was false and originated solely with a website called "New York Timely Reports" (whose domain name, nytiwes.com imitates that of the legitimate New York Times). "New York Timely Reports" is a junk news site which has published other celebrity death hoaxes, such as falsely reporting that former president George H.W. Bush had passed away.

As of this writing, Lovato remains (alive) at Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles and is expected to leave that facility within a week.

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