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Why Does This Calf Have 'Dumbo' Ears?

Don't worry, the cow appears to be perfectly healthy.

Published May 5, 2021

 (TikTok / Peem.7736)
Image Via TikTok / Peem.7736
A video shows a calf with Dumbo-sized ears.

This video features a breed of cattle that is known for its long, drooping ears.

In May 2021, a video of a young cow with "Dumbo ears" went viral after it was shared to the Biggest Bulls of the World Facebook page:

This is a genuine video of a calf with big droopy ears, similar to those of the famous little elephant from the classic Disney film "Dumbo."

American audiences may find this sight a bit unfamiliar, but there's nothing especially unusual about this cow. In fact, larger cows that also have long droopy ears can be seen in the background of the video.

This video was originally shared by ณณรงค์ ตันเจริญ (translated to Ronnarong Tancharoen) on TikTok under the handle @Peem.7736. The TikTok account doesn't offer much biographical information, however, a Facebook page bearing the same profile pic and name describes themselves (loosely translated) as a "local kid raising cows in Thailand."

@Peem.7736 has shared several other videos of the viral "Dumbo" calf on Tiktok:

@Peem.7736 wrote in response to one comment that this video shows an Indu-Brasil, a breed of cattle that is known for its extremely large ears. According to Oklahoma State University's Department of Animal Science, the ears of the Indu-Brasil may be the largest of any cattle breed:

The Indo-Brazilian is a zebu type breed which was developed in Brazil from 1910-1930. The breed was developed from Gir and Kankrej (Guzerat or Guzera) breeds with some Ongole also used. By 1946 Indo-Brazilian cattle were being imported into the United States and some sources site their contribution to the development of the Brahman.

The breed is white to dark grey in color. The Indo-Brazilian are generally taller and lighter muscled than the Brahman. One of the notable feature of the breed are its extremely large, pendulous ears. It probably has the largest ears of any of the cattle breeds.

Here's a video of an adult Indu-Brasil bull:

In short, this viral video is real and shows an Indu-Brasil calf, a breed of cattle with especially long, drooping ears, at a farm in Thailand.

Dan Evon is a former writer for Snopes.

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