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Obama Canadian Bus

Bus used by Obama built in Canada?

Published Aug 18, 2011

Claim:   The bus used by President Obama during a tour to talk up job creation in the U.S. was built in Canada.


Example:   [Collected via e-mail, August 2011]

Obama purchased 2 buses for $2.2 million to tour our country regarding job creation. FYI they were made in Canada. That's job creation for CANADA... Nice!

President Obama is traveling around the USA in two CANADIAN manufacturered buses claiming he is creating jobs.

The buses are PREVOST H3-45 VIP buses manufacturered in Quebec, CANADA. They were taken to the Hemphill Brothers in TN to be customized.

The total cost of the buses is over $2 million dollars. US bus/RV manufacturers have fired employees due to decreased sales.


Origins:   In August 2011, President Obama toured America in part to promote the importance of job creation for Americans. He did so in a new customized motor coach, which cost $1.1 million.

The shell for the new bus was produced by Prevost, a motor coach manufacturer based in Quebec. This heavy-duty shell was then customized by Hemphill Brothers Coach Co., which is based in Nashville, Tennessee, then assembled into a completed motor coach by that same company. The U.S. Secret Service ordered the vehicle from Hemphill in July 2010 and took delivery of the finished product in June 2011.

A second bus — also costing $1.1 million — was put together at the same time. Plans for the second coach include using it for the eventual Republican presidential nominee.

Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan said of the decision to purchase a Prevost shell for the Presidential bus that "The vehicle had to support the weight of security and communication equipment that we had. Our understanding was that was the only model that could do it."

In a nutshell, part of the bus was manufactured in Canada and part in the U.S.

Last updated:   18 August 2011


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