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Did Binance Create a Twitter Emoji That Looked Like a Swastika?

The offensive emoji was deleted soon after.

Published Apr 22, 2022

 (Eli David/Twitter)
Image Via Eli David/Twitter
Cryptocurrency exchange company Binance briefly used a Twitter emoji that looked like a swastika.

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Binance, a cryptocurrency exchange, had to remove a Twitter emoji that looked like a swastika after a number of internet users pointed out the resemblance. In late April 2022, the company revealed a new emoji (or “hashflag,” as the feature is called on Twitter).


The image was of a golden square with four Ls for arms, looking a lot like the symbol associated with Nazism. While the swastika symbol predates its use by fascists in Nazi Germany, the symbol is still used by neo-Nazis and other anti-Semitic extremist groups.  

Soon after numerous people pointed out its connection, Binance tweeted that they were pulling it down.

Hashflags are a feature on Twitter that automatically adds a graphic of choice to the end of a hashtag, regardless of who tweets it. Many companies use them for their branding and have paid up to seven figures for the feature.


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