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Did Justin Bieber Admit to Being Bisexual?

Published Apr 7, 2014

Pop star Justin Bieber has admitted on Twitter to being bisexual.

In April 2014 the Huzlers web site published an article positing that pop star Justin Bieber had admitted on Twitter that he was bisexual and had posted a (quickly deleted) photo of himself making out with singer Austin Mahone, whom he was supposedly dating:

Controversial pop singer Justin Bieber has publically admitted via Twitter that he, in fact, is "Bi-Sexual" and dating singer Austin Mahone. Justin's tweet was posted earlier today but later deleted only 30 minutes after it was posted.

The Tweet features a picture of him and Austin Mahone making out in what appears to be a music studio. Although, being deleted 30 minutes after being posted, the tweet still managed to get 23k+ Retweets and 24k+ Favorites.

It is not yet known why Justin decided to delete the tweet. Justin later told reporters "I don’t care what anyone thinks, After what happened with Selena and me, I decided to try guys too, and Austin is so fine."

However, the article was just a spoof from the Huzlers web site, which has a history of publishing fabricated news stories about celebrities and carries a disclaimer on its pages noting that "Huzlers.com is a combination of real shocking news and satire news to keep its visitors in a state of disbelief."

The supposed Twitter image used to illustrate the article is an altered version of a photograph from DisneyDreaming.com that originally pictured Justin Bieber and Austin Mahone kissing Bria Williams, the daughter of the "Birdman" (i.e., rapper and Cash Money Records founder Brian Williams), with whom they were working in the recording studio:

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