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Real Store Sign Listing Beer, Pizza, Guns, and Bibles In One Aisle?

"Just found the America aisle at the supermarket," someone commented.

Published Aug 26, 2023

 (u/outwardape via Reddit.com)
Image Via u/outwardape via Reddit.com
A photo authentically showed a store sign listing beer, pizza, potatoes, guns, Bibles, and sweatpants, in one aisle.

For years, a photograph has circulated online supposedly showing a store sign listing beer, pizza, potatoes, guns, Bibles, and sweatpants, in the same place — aisle 11. 

We found multiple postings of the image. For example, a post on X (formerly Twitter) shared the photo in June 2023 with the caption, "Just found the America aisle at the supermarket."

A similar post on Imgur.com from August 2023 read, "'Murica in one aisle."

On KnowYourMeme.com, the image was titled, "All the Essentials."

Looking at the picture, we noticed some words were blurrier than others — a sign that it had been faked with digital image-editing tools.

In an effort to track down the image's origins, we performed a reverse-image search on TinEye.com. That search led us to a September 2020 Reddit post on the r/memes subreddit where the image was captioned, "Freedom ain't fat free." A user named u/outwardape created that post.

We loaded all 543 comments on the post and scrolled to the bottom. Among those comments with the least engagement, a user remarked, "4/10 Photoshop work, see me after class."

Replying to that comment, u/outwardape claimed responsibility for creating the image with digital-editing software. That user wrote: "Please, I'd be obligated to uninstall PS [Photoshop] immediately if I used it to make this. This was made in a very crappy app I found."

This finding doesn't mean that no stores in the U.S. (or elsewhere) feature all of the alleged items in one aisle. It just means that this specific image was not real and created simply for entertainment value on Reddit's r/memes subreddit.


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Jordan Liles is a Senior Reporter who has been with Snopes since 2016.