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Axl Rose Death Hoax

Did Axl Rose die of a drug overdose in Las Vegas?

Published Oct 4, 2006

Claim:   Singer Axl Rose died of a drug overdose in Las Vegas in October 2006.

Status:   False.

Example:   [Collected on the Internet, 2006]

Comment: By Mark Diegl
Associated Press Writer

Rock band front-man Axl Rose has been found dead in a Las Vegas hotel room, authorities report. Rose, who had allegedly very recently fell back into the world of drug use after being clean and sober for years, was found with "a large amount of narcotics", Bill Sayer, spokesperson for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Dept. stated Wednesday. Inquiries into the types of narcotics found with Rose went unanswered.

Rose, whose birthname is William Bruce Rose, leaves behind a son and a daughter, the result of a marriage to ex-wife Erin Everly in the early 90's which was annulled.

© 2006 The Associated Press.

Origins:   This item about the drug overdose death of singer Axl Rose, best known as the frontman for the group Guns N' Roses first hit our inbox on 4 October 2006 and is yet another Internet-spread celebrity death hoax.

Although this blurb claims Axl Rose died from drug-related causes in Las Vegas, there has been no public announcement or media mention of his having passed away (via the Associated Press or other news services), and Las Vegas police have denied making any announcement like the one referenced above.

Last updated:   4 October 2006


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