List: 24 Online Scams To Watch Out For

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A collection of emails, texts, and social media posts that advertise illegitimate giveaways.

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In addition to calling out sources of false information related to news events, history, conspiracy theories, and folktales, the Snopes newsroom for years has tracked nefarious internet scams that prey on people who have difficulty spotting the differences between legitimate and illicit giveaways.

Below are two dozen examples of emails, texts, and social media posts that aim to convince recipients that they’ve been chosen to receive free money or discounts — when, in reality, the messages are simply efforts to get their personal information. 

If you receive any of these so-called “offers,” your best course of action is: 1) don’t click on any suspicious links, and 2) delete the messages. You can also report phishing attempts and other scams to the Better Business Bureau.