Greatest Hits of the Snopes Inbox

Some rumors just keep coming come back.

5 Articles
  • Published 14 September 2020
5 Articles

For decades, Snopes has been investigating misinformation, rumors, and scams on the internet based on tips our readers have sent us. Most of those tips come through the Snopes contact form — and for the last 15 years, Editorial Assistant Liz Donaldson has been reading, tagging, and sorting those tips for our writers.

We receive thousands of messages every day, so naturally some of them will repeat stories we’ve already covered. And some rumors have even been coming back for decades! We asked Donaldson to share examples of the latter. Here’s what she cited.

Is Facebook Charging a User Fee?

Some rumors never die — they just grow new heads.

Should You Call #77 or 112 to Contact the Police in an Emergency?

Those numbers work sometimes, but calling #77 or 112 on your cell phone will not necessarily connect you to emergency services no matter where you are.

‘Got Another Friend Request from You’ Facebook Warning

A warning about a Facebook user's supposedly having received a second friend request from you is mostly useless.

Is a Nigerian Astronaut Lost in Space?

This spin-off of the well-known Nigerian prince fee scam sets its sights on outer space.

Does No One Ever Die at Disney Parks?

Fantasy legend holds that no one is ever declared dead while on Disney theme park property.