Foreign Bodies

Some medical curiosities you just can’t not see.

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  • Published 8 November 2019
10 Articles

When X-rays were discovered in the 19th century, it was labeled a “medical miracle,” according to The FDA calls the X-ray “one of medicine’s most remarkable achievements.” To see inside the human body without breaking the skin? It is truly a bona fide superpower.

But the advent of newer imaging technologies made the shadowy imprint of an X-ray image seem a little bit dull. It just doesn’t impress in the same way–until it shows us something that shouldn’t be there.

Images of foreign objects accidentally (or purposely) inserted in the human body are all over the internet. There doesn’t seem to be a single household item that hasn’t been implicated in a terrifying (or mortifying) X-ray.

And when real images of medical nightmares get old, enter Photoshop. Now our imaginations are the only limit to what we can see on a screen.

Note: Foreign objects in the body are no joke and require immediate medical treatment.

Does an X-Ray Show Hundreds of Bubble Tea Pearls in a Teen’s Stomach?

We were able to loosen up some information about this image with the help of the American Gastroenterological Association.

Does This X-Ray Show a Snake Inside a Woman’s Body?

An x-ray image showing a slender creature inside a woman's pelvic area has been shared with a variety of backstories attached to it.

Is This an X-Ray of a 900-Lb. Man?

There is much unseen in our world, even among what appears to be in plain sight.

X-Ray of Fork in Urethra

The list of items which doctors have documented removing from urethras and bladders is long and breathtaking.

Man Gets Tapeworms from Eating Sashimi?

X-ray images do not document a man in China whose body became riddled with tapeworms due to his consumption of sashimi.

Is This a Real Hand With Eight Fingers?

A set of images purportedly show a rare congenital syndrome called "ulnar dimelia," also known as "mirror hand syndrome."

Did Doctors Discover a Live Cockroach in a Patient’s Chest in Zimbabwe?

A chest X-ray purportedly showing a cockroach is actually a doctored version of Marilyn Monroe's.

Were 526 ‘Tooth Like Structures’ Removed From a Child’s Mouth?

Dental college: "This is the first ever case to be documented world wide, where so many minute teeth were found in a single individual."

Missing Dentures Found Stuck in Throat 8 Days After Surgery

How it happened isn’t exactly clear, but a half-dozen previous cases have been documented of dentures going astray as surgical patients were put to sleep.

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Does This Picture Represent an ‘MRI of Love’?

An infant's brain and a mother's love are both remarkable enough phenomena, without the need for embellishment.