All I Want for Xmas Is a Near-Earth Object

Featured on Snopes today: NASA says "nope" to rumors that an asteroid will strike Earth before Christmas and Trump becomes the first U.S. president to attend New York's Veterans Day parade.

Published Nov 11, 2019

We are happy to report that contrary to alarmist warnings in the tabloids, the world will not  be coming to an end this Christmas — at least not as a result of a collision with a near-Earth object known as “asteroid 216258 2006 WH1.”

Not surprisingly, we began receiving inquiries from readers after headlines appeared claiming that NASA predicted such a collision was going to occur and cause a “mass extinction” on Earth.

In reality, NASA told us when we reached out, there is “nothing unusual or dangerous” about the asteroid, which is simply making a close approach to Earth around Christmastime.

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Trump supporters at campaign event
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