Daily Debunker: Limbaugh on Race

Featured on Snopes today: Fact-checking a list of racist statements allegedly made by Rush Limbaugh, Trump inflates the price tag of the Obamacare website, and who's that dating Adam Schiff's daughter?

Published Feb 5, 2020

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It has been a terrible week and a great week for conservative radio pundit Rush Limbaugh, who, after announcing that he is being treated for advanced lung cancer, was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom during President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address.

Limbaugh’s critics took to social media to condemn the award, citing certain of his past statements as evidence of bigotry and hate-mongering — in particular a list of quotes described as “racist.”

The list is neither new nor uncontroversial, given some of the most damning quotes are said to be of dubious origin.’s David Mikkelson assessed their authenticity.

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