A Tragedy Dressed Up in Lies

Featured on Snopes today: A tragic story about a young boy's death morphs into anti-LGBT propaganda, Amazon's Alexa doles out medical advice, and the FDA approves a cocaine nasal spray.

11 Articles
  • Published 14 January 2020
11 Articles

Today we feature a report on how the tragic story of a young Mexican boy’s death at the hands of his own mother was repurposed as propaganda against the LGBT community.

Seven-year-old Karol Rámon died as a result of physical abuse, authorities say, but as the story achieved wider and wider circulation, it was distorted by misinformation about the motive for the crime. The boy was beaten to death, an apocryphal version of the story declares, because he refused to dress like a girl.

Dan Evon enumerates the sources of this claim and weighs it against what Mexican law enforcement officials say the evidence actually shows.

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Did a Mom Beat Her Son to Death for Refusing to Dress Like a Girl?

The tragic story of a young boy in Mexico was spread with misinformation about his death.

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