Snopes looks into legends, rumors, and tall tales about The Beatles.

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  • Published 11 October 2019
9 Articles

The “Fab Four”—John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr—are arguably the most influential rock band to have emerged during the 1960s. Listed among (and often atop) the best-selling music in history, their work spans decades and their music still tops charts today.

Best known for…well, take your pick. They are responsible for barrels of iconic songs, films, and memorable media moments. Those mop hairdos; the piercing screams that followed them around the globe; the Jesus quote; the Yellow Submarine; that London crosswalk where fans still line up to retrace those immortal footsteps across Abbey Road.

To say The Beatles are famous is about as useful as pointing out the sky is above us. And when someone’s star rises that high, it’s common for myth to try to fill in the finer details we can no longer see from down here on Earth.

Here legends and tall tales about the Beatles come together; get to the bottom of them with a little help from your friends at Snopes.

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Did John Lennon Say ‘Ringo Wasn’t Even the Best Drummer in the Beatles’?

This was one of the more famous quotes about a Beatle.

Did John Lennon Anticipate the Election of Donald Trump?

A dubious quote plays on the unlikely idea of rock stars foretelling the political rise of Donald Trump.

Are There Two Unreleased Beatles Songs?

Rumor has it that the Beatles recorded the songs 'Colliding Circles' and 'Pink Litmus Paper Shirt' which remain unreleased to this day.

Did Crime Rates Plummet When the Beatles’ Debuted on ‘Ed Sullivan’?

When a sarcastic wisecrack becomes fact, print the legend.

The Beatles’ Butcher Cover

Did the Beatles plan the 'butcher cover' album as a protest against Capitol Records?

Was Paul McCartney’s Song “Blackbird” Inspired by the Civil Rights Movement?

The rock icon publicly explained the song's link to the "Little Rock Nine" at a 2016 concert.

Mostly True
Did Michael Jackson Own the Rights to All Beatles Songs?

The answer must be heavily qualified in order to avoid being misleading.

Mostly True
Is ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds’ Code for LSD?

Was the "hidden" acrostic in the famous Beatles song a coincidence or a cheeky pun?

Did Paul McCartney Die in 1966?

Did Ringo Starr really say that Paul McCartney died in 1966 and was replaced by another person?