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Truck Art

Do photographs show trucks decorated with advertising art.?

Rice Field Art

Photographs show artworks created in planted rice fields?

Wood Art

Fauxtography: Photographs purportedly show furniture and a floating automobile carved from wood.

Does This Video Show a Kinetic Water Sculpture in Japan?

3 December 2018 - Would that all of us could have hair that is so easy to wash.

The Young Family

6 May 2005 - Photographs of a rare, recently discovered trans-species of human-dog hybrid are actually pictures of an art exhibit.

Willard Wigen – Microscopic Art

Willard Wigan's amazing micro-sculptures, on the head of a pin, a grain of sand, and in the eye of a needle.

The Art of Marriage

Did actor Paul Newman author an essay on the art of marriage for his wedding to Joanne Woodward?

Medieval Woman’s Hidden Career Revealed by Blue Teeth

9 January 2019 - The discovery corroborates other findings that suggest female artisans were not as rare as previously thought.

3-D Printing Recreates Ancient Sculpture Destroyed by ISIS

3 July 2019 - The replica "Lion of Mosul" was modeled from crowd-sourced photos.

What’s on Your Mind? Facebook Says Nude Statues Shouldn’t Be

4 February 2019 - Facebook does not "allow ads that depict nudity, even if it isn't sexual in nature. This includes the use of nudity for artistic or educational purposes."

Museum Confirms: Yes, It’s Really a Van Gogh

22 March 2019 - Its authenticity was called into question in 1990 by art historian and Van Gogh expert Walter Feilchenfeldt, who raised concerns about many purported Van Goghs around the world.

Couple Who Bought $120k Banana Art Sense It Will Be Iconic

12 December 2019 - A Miami couple who bought a headline-grabbing banana duct-taped to a wall have acknowledged the absurdity of the artwork, but say they believe it will become an icon and plan to gift it to a museum.

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