Mailbag: Calendar Trouble

Mailbag: Why you should pay attention to the calendar.

Published Mar 24, 2015

24 March 2015

In January 2015 we published an article about a VA (Veterans Administration) chapel in Michigan that had temporarily hidden all its Christian symbols behind a curtain after being cited for non-compliance with a regulation requiring chapels at VA facilities be maintained as "religiously neutral" when not in use for services. This situation was being blamed on a new directive issued by the Obama administration; but as we pointed out, the Spiritual and Pastoral Procedures that created the guidelines in question were established by the Department of Veterans Affairs well before the advent of the Obama administration (as evidenced by the fact that they were most recently revised in July 2008).

Nonetheless, a reader wanted to take us to task for pointing out these facts, maintaining that we were "slanting the news" and protecting "that evil man we have in the
White House":

Referring to the article on VA chapel covering religious items
and governing laws. You state it had nothing to do with obama, our great
ruler, since the change came July 2008. Hello, call me stupid but wasn't
obama, the great one, ruling at that time? Stop slanting the news state
the truth and stop protecting that racist we have in the White House.
I am so sick of the protection provided to that evil man we have in the
white house. he is a disgrace, he lies, he cheats and he defends the
evilin the world. Hope there is still an America when he is gone in 2
years. You are contributing to what is wrong with America and I am done
checking for "truths" on your website.


We won't call anyone "stupid," but we will point out that in the United States presidential elections are held in November, and the winner is sworn into office the following January. Barack Obama wasn't President in July 2008, as he wasn't even elected to the presidency until November 2008 and didn't take office for another two months after that.

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