Scam Me Twice, Shame on Me . . .

An unusual twist on the Nigerian Scam

Published Aug 10, 2004

Regular readers of these pages are bound to be familiar with the ubiquitous Nigerian Scam, a con which plays on infinite variations of the same theme: luring a victim on with promises to cut him in on a share of vast wealth. Too late does the pigeon realize the only money to be had from this scheme is that which the fraudsters have suckered him into parting with in pursuit of an elusive pot of gold.

Occasionally a conman comes up with an unusual twist on the Nigerian Scam, something amusing enough to stand out from the dozens of variations of this flimflam we're spammed with every day. We received one such version this morning, a sort of uber-scam in which the perpetrator claims to be a "Chairman of Financial Aid" in Nigeria and offers to help previous victims of the scam recover their lost monies:

Comment: good day sir/ma,

my name is usman abdulahi i am the chairman of the financial aid in nigeria.

my aiim of writting this lettrer is to inform you that thje
rate which nigerians has been sending scam mail is much and has also been
collecting money from people in other countries. we are sending this
lettrer to every body who has nigerians must have stolen their money to
please send us a mail and the information on how they collected yoiur
money and the money will be sent to you.

the number of 1000 m,en has been caught running scams and has
been arrested .we also went further on and saw the sum of $32million in
their account and now this money has to be shared to every body who has
lost their .i want you to send me a mail; if your was stollen so that we
refund the money to you and also send us full information on how they
collected it .i am expecting to hear from you to refund you your money if
you have lost any.

usman abdulahi

Of course, this benevolent "chairman" is running the very same scam on the people he's offering to help — trying to hoodwink the gullible into throwing even more good money after bad. Victimizing people who have already been victimized is about the lowest form of crime there is, sort of like the burglar who figures that his previous marks have bought brand-new replacements for all the items he took from them, so he goes out and robs them again. It's hard to believe that people could be duped twice in the same fashion, but when it comes to money, some of us let greed or pride get the better of our common sense.

Last updated:   10 August 2004


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