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25 Hottest Urban Legends

This page compiles the 25 urban legends currently circulating most widely, as determined by frequency of access, user searches, reader e-mail, and media coverage.

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Friday, May 29, 2015
      AriZona Iced Tea
  1. Rumor: The FDA recently discovered that the Arizona Beverage Company uses human urine in many of their products.
  2.   WalMart Closure Conspiracy Theories
  3. Rumors about the reason behind the sudden closures of several WalMart stores.
  4.   Expelled from KFC
  5. Rumor: A septuagenarian was expelled from a KFC restaurant for breastfeeding her 42-year-old-son on the premises.
  6.   $93,000 Beanie Baby
  7. Rumor: A couple picked up a rare Beanie Baby worth $93,000 at a flea market for a mere $15.
  8.   Quadruple Rainbow
  9. Rumor: Photograph shows a quadruple rainbow over Long Island on 21 April 2015.
  10.   Crest Toothpaste
  11. Rumor: Crest 3D White brands of toothpaste can embed plastic balls in users' gums.
  12.   Seven Year Snitch
  13. Rumor: Retired CIA agent Normand Hodges confessed on his deathbed to assassinating Marilyn Monroe.
  14.   Pedophile Dolls
  15. Rumor: A company has released 'child love dolls' to provide a safe sexual outlet for pedophiles.
  16.   Beanie Baby Spiders
  17. Rumor: Brown recluse spider eggs used to fill Beanie Babies in the 1990s are finally hatching.
  18.   Free Southwest Tickets Scam
  19. Rumor: Southwest Airlines is giving away free air travel tickets to those who follow online links.
  20.   Man Sues Wife Over Ugly Children
  21. Rumor: A man in China has sued his wife for bearing him ugly children.
  22.   Empire Cancelled
  23. Rumor: The Fox Network has cancelled the second season of the show Empire.
  24.   Color Code on Toothpaste Tubes
  25. Rumor: The colored squares on toothpaste tubes identify the composition of the toothpaste enclosed therein.
  26.   Rosie O'Donnell ISIS Tattoo
  27. Rumor: Television personality Rosie O'Donnell got an ISIS tattoo in support of the Islamic State's 'struggle against Western imperialism.'
  28.   Credit Card Debt
  29. Rumor: A bank attempted to collect credit card service charges from a dead customer.
  30.   Disappearance of Ashley, Kansas
  31. Rumor: The town of Ashley, Kansas, and its entire population, disappeared after an earthquake in 1952.
  32.   Oranges Injected with HIV
  33. Rumor: Oranges from Libya have been injected with HIV-positive blood and pose a danger of infection.
  34.   Children's Tylenol Recall
  35. Rumor: The FDA has issued a recall for children's Tylenol, Motrin, and Benadryl products.
  36.   Pepsi and Senomyx
  37. Rumor: Pepsi products are 'manufactured using the tissue of aborted human babies.'
  38.   Tick Eggs
  39. Rumor: Photograph shows a cluster of tick eggs found along a path.
  40.   James Bond Island
  41. Rumor: Photograph shows an abandoned house in England sitting atop a very skinny rock formation.
  42.   FEMA Coffins
  43. Rumor: The Obama administration has ordered $1 billion worth of 'disposable' coffins for use with FEMA camps.
  44.   Homeless Elvis
  45. Rumor: The body of a homeless man found in San Diego has been identified as that of Elvis Presley.
  46.   Honey and Cinnamon
  47. Rumor: Article extols the medicinal virtues of honey and cinnamon.
  48.   Welfare Receipt
  49. Rumor: Photograph shows a grocery receipt for steak and lobster purchased with food stamps.

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