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25 Hottest Urban Legends

This page compiles the 25 urban legends currently circulating most widely, as determined by frequency of access, user searches, reader e-mail, and media coverage.

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Friday, October 31, 2014
      Ebola in Texas
  1. Report that the town of Purdon, Texas, has been quarantined because a family of five tested positive for Ebola.

      Is Ebola Airborne?
  2. Report claims that Ebola can now be spread via airborne transmission.

      Last Meal
  3. Claim that a Texas 'cannibal pedophile' death row inmate requested a child as his last meal.
  4.   Pastors Subpoenaed in Houston
  5. Report that the City of Houston subpoenaed pastors' sermons.
  6.   Obama Orders Coffins
  7. Claim that the Obama administration has ordered $1 billion worth of disposable coffins.
  8.   Ebola Victims Return to Life
  9. Report that two female Ebola victims resurrected as their corpses were being transported for burial.
  10.   Ebola Zombie Photo
  11. Image purportedly depicts a "captured Ebola victim" who rose from the dead.
  12.   Ebola Patent
  13. Explanation of why the CDC has a patent on Ebola.
  14.   Ebola in Chicago
  15. Report that an Ebola outbreak has killed three people in Chicago
  16.   Purple Penguins
  17. Report that a school district in Lincoln has ordered teachers to use the term "purple penguins" in lieu of gender pronouns.
  18.   Ebola Conspiracy in Africa
  19. Claim that the Ebola virus was invented to rob Africa of her natural resources.
  20.   Flashlight App Warning
  21. Warning that cell phone flashlight apps are secretly tracking users' data and sending the information to cybercriminals.
  22.   Haunted House Chainsaw Massacre
  23. Report that a man murdered seven people with a chainsaw at a haunted house in California.
  24.   Tax Refunds Delayed
  25. Report that the payment of federal tax refunds for 2014 will be delayed until October 2015.
  26.   Woman Buried Alive
  27. Report that a supposedly deceased Chicago woman was rescued after funeralgoers heard screams coming from her grave.
  28.   Halloween on Friday the 13th
  29. Factoid says that in 2014 Halloween falls on Friday the 13th for the first time in 666 years,
  30.   Poisonous Black and White Caterpillar
  31. Warning that black and white caterpillars are poisonous and may cause allergic reactions in people they contact.
  32.   TSP in Cereal
  33. Warning that popular cereals contain trisodium phosphate, or 'paint thinner.'
  34.   Portuguese Barn Find
  35. Photographs show a barn full of vintage automobiles discovered by the new purchaser of a Portuguese farmhouse.
  36.   Ebola in Hair Extensions
  37. CNN report that Ebola has been found in packages of hair extensions.
  38.   Crabzilla
  39. Photograph shows a giant 50-foot crab.
  40.   Kim Jong-un Arrested
  41. Photograph shows North Korean leader Kim Jong-un being arrested.
  42.   Cell Phone Numbers Given to Telemarketers
  43. Claim that cell phone providers will soon be releasing customers' phone numbers to telemarketers.
  44.   Spider Lives in Scar
  45. Claim that a spider lived inside a man's scar for three days.
  46.   Army Dress Code Modified
  47. Claim that the U.S. Army was pressured to accommodate Muslims by allowing turbans and beards to become a part of their dress code.

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