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25 Hottest Urban Legends

This page compiles the 25 urban legends currently circulating most widely, as determined by frequency of access, user searches, reader e-mail, and media coverage.

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014
      Oklahoma Woman Beheaded
  1. Report of an Oklahoma woman who was beheaded in an attack at her workplace.

      Jasmine Tridevil
  2. Florida woman named Jasmine Tridevil claims to have had a third breast implant.

      Tupac Shakur Murder
  3. Rumor that rapper Sean Combs was arrested in connection with the murder of Tupac Shakur.

      Facebook Charges
  4. Claim that facebook soon plans to institute a monthly charge for users.
  5.   NBA or NFL?
  6. List details crimes and disturbing backgrounds associated with members of the U.S. Congress, the NFL, or the NBA.
  7.   Latte Salute
  8. Images show President Obama disembarking from Marine One with a cell phone or coffee cup in his hand.
  9.   ISIS Threat
  10. WArning that ISIS operatives plan to 'slaughter' American troops at their houses after finding the addresses of military servicemen online.
  11.   McDonald's Exposed for Using Human Meat
  12. Report that an Oklahoma City McDonald's outlet was caught with horse meat and human meat in their freezers.
  13.   iPhone Ebola Contamination
  14. Rumor that new iPhone 6s are contaminated with the deadly Ebola virus.
  15.   Kanye West Basketball Game
  16. Report that Kanye West scoreed 106 points in a charity basketball game against a team of handicapped children in wheelchairs.
  17.   Prayers for Queragosh
  18. Request for prayers for the city of Queragosh, which has fallen to ISIS.
  19.   Zodiac Killer
  20. Report that actor Russell Johnson of Gilligan's Island fame has been identified as the Zodiac Killer.
  21.   Facebook Banning Drag Queens
  22. Report that Facebook is banning drag queens who are not using their legal names on their accounts.
  23.   Facebook Messenger
  24. Warning that use of the Facebook Messenger app require user acceptance of many privacy-violating conditions.

      Texas Pot Resolution
  25. Report that Texas is about to legalize marijuana for medicinal and recreational use.

      Code Grabbers
  26. Warning about thieves armed with "code grabbers" breaking into cars by recording signals sent from remote keyless entry devices.
  27.   Michelle Obama Visits St. Jude
  28. Social media outrage: Michelle Obama visits St. Jude Children's Hospital, disrupts treatments, alienates parents.
  29.   Christian Version of 'Harry Potter'
  30. Claim that a Christian mom has rewritten the Harry Potter novels to exclude witchcraft.
  31.   Vagina Cookies
  32. "Angry feminist" bakes inappropriate cookies for young students, then gets angry when the treats are rebuffed.
  33.   Microwave Cell Phone Recharging
  34. Claim that Apple's new "Wave" technology allows you to quickly recharge your iPhone by microwaving it.
  35.   Vertasha and Mary
  36. Rumor that a mother-daughter lesbian couple named Vertasha and Mary seek acceptance of their taboo romance.
  37.   Last Meal
  38. Claim that a Texas 'cannibal pedophile' death row inmate requested a child as his last meal.
  39.   Truck Destroys Drive-Through Canopy
  40. Video shows a truck destroying the canopy of a bank's drive-through lane.
  41.   Sandy Hook
  42. Claim that the FBI has confirmed that there were no murders in Newtown, Connecticut, in 2012.
  43.   iPhone Bending
  44. Warning that the new iPhone 6 may bend if carried in a pocket.

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