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25 Hottest Urban Legends

This page compiles the 25 urban legends currently circulating most widely, as determined by frequency of access, user searches, reader e-mail, and media coverage.

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Friday, April 24, 2015
      Facebook Messenger
  1. Rumor: The use of the Facebook Messenger app requires user acceptance of many privacy-violating conditions.

      Vinegar and Water De-Icing
  2. Rumor: Spraying a mixture of vinegar and water on your car's windshield will de-ice it.

      Mike Brown Beating Video
  3. Rumor: Video captures Mike Brown assaulting an elderly man over a stolen backpack.
  4.   New 2015 Taxes Due
  5. Rumor: A bevy of tax increases were quietly imposed upon Americans in January 2015 due to the Affordable Care Act.
  6.   Sandy Hook
  7. Rumor: The FBI revealed no murders occurred in Newtown, Connecticut, in 2012.
  8.   Screech Murder
  9. Rumor: Dustin Diamond (aka "Screech") was charged with second-degree murder after stabbing a man at a bar.
  10.   Facts on Honey and Cinnamon
  11. Rumor: Honey and cinnamon have substantial illness-fighting properties.
  12.   Think Before You Donate
  13. Comparison of the efficiency and salaries of top executives for several large charitable organizations.
  14.   Michael Kors
  15. Rumor: Fashion CEO Michael Kors said he is tired of "pretending to like blacks."
  16.   Aldi Horsemeat Scandal
  17. Rumor: Food products sold by Aldi contain horsemeat.
  18.   Wrongful Discharge
  19. Rumor: Image captures the moment when a cheerleader pooped at the top of a pyramid.
  20.   Pig Brothel
  21. Rumor: The FBI raided and dismantled a pig brothel in Missouri.
  22.   Eminem Interview
  23. Rumor: Eminem's interview in the movie The Interview was real.
  24.   Motrin/Robitussin WArning
  25. Rumor: The interaction of Motrin and Robitussin can cause heart attacks in children.
  26.   Facebook Spying
  27. Rumor: Facebook has announced it will be turning over user data to the FBI, CIA, and NSA.

      Tax Refunds Delayed
  28. Rumor: Payment of federal tax refunds for 2014 will be delayed until October 2015.
  29.   Hobby Lobby
  30. News: Hobby Lobby's lawsuit over a federal mandate requiring employers to provide insurance coverage for contraceptives.
  31.   Sandy Hook Hoax
  32. Rumor: Video details that the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School were a staged hoax.
  33.   WalMart Shooting
  34. Rumor: A 2-year-old boy who shot and killed his mother in a Walmart is going to be tried as an adult.
  35.   Stuart Scott
  36. Rumor: Fox News mistakenly used a photo of Stephen A. Smith during its tribute to Stuart Scott.
  37.   Noah Pozner
  38. Rumor: Sandy Hook shooting victim Noah Pozner was pictured among those killed during a December 2014 attack on a school in Pakistan.
  39.   False Flag
  40. Rumor: NFL referee Pete Morelli quit after being paid $500,000 for his officiating at the 2014 Cowboys-Lions playoff game.
  41.   Cell Phone Numbers Given to Telemarketers
  42. Rumor: Cell phone providers will soon be releasing customers' phone numbers to telemarketers.
  43.   Doggies for Anthony
  44. Rumor: The mother of 16-year-old leukemia patient Anthony Lyons created a 'Doggies for Anthony' Facebook event.
  45.   Flashlight App Warning
  46. Rumor Cell phone flashlight apps are secretly tracking users' data and sending the information to cybercriminals.

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