25 Hottest Urban Legends

These are the Top 25 Urban Legends currently circulating most widely, as determined by frequency of access, user searches, reader e-mail, and media coverage.

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    1Pepper Plot

    An online hoax held that Coca-Cola had bought up rival soda brand Dr Pepper and would be shutting down production of the popular soft drink.  Read More

    by David Mikkelson
  • 2

    2Eric's Idol

    An old chestnut of musical praise, once attributed to Jimi Hendrix, was repurposed to involve Eric Clapton and Prince.  Read More

    by Kim LaCapria
    • Apr 22, 2016
    • 7K
  • 3

    3Purple Pros

    A meme asserts that musician Prince said he voted Republican because that political party knows the value of hard work.  Read More

    by Dan Evon
  • 4

    4Pop Superstar Prince Dead at 57

    His body was reportedly discovered in his recording studio at his Paisley Park estate in Minnesota.  Read More

    by Brooke Binkowski
  • 5

    5Noah's Lark

    A fake news article reported that a Biblically-themed park featuring Noah's Ark was destroyed by a flood meteorologists termed "an act of God."  Read More

    by Dan Evon
  • 6

    6Trans Substantiation

    A social media controversy erupted when Target announced a chain-wide policy inviting transgender customers to use the bathroom that matched their gender identity.  Read More

    by Kim LaCapria
  • 7

    7Professional Wrestling Star 'Chyna' Dies at 46

    Chyna, whose real name was Joanie Laurer, was found dead at her Redondo Beach home.  Read More

    by Brooke Binkowski
  • 8


    A story that Klan members committed suicide after announcements that Harriet Tubman's image would be placed on $20 bills came from a hoax news site.  Read More

    by Dan Evon
    • Apr 22, 2016
    • 8K
  • 9

    9Ghost Dad

    A meme claims that Sgt. Gregory Hayes beat a pair of Syrian refugees to death for raping his teenaged daughter, but we found no record Hayes even exists.  Read More

    by Kim LaCapria
    • Apr 19, 2016
    • 6K
  • 10

    10Without a Prayer

    President Obama did not eliminate the National Day of Prayer and pray with Muslims on Capitol Hill instead.  Read More

    by David Mikkelson
  • 11

    11Stall Doubt

    A man was arrested for alleged invasion of a women's bathroom, but he was neither transgender nor legally allowed to do so under any extant laws.  Read More

    by Kim LaCapria
  • 12

    12Bottle Balm

    Warning about neighborhood residents finding unexploded 'bottle bombs' in their yards.  Read More

    by David Mikkelson
  • 13

    13Jimmy John's Gourmet Hunts

    Jimmy John Liautaud, the owner of Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches, is a big game hunter.  Read More

    by Dan Evon
  • 14

    14Facebook Subscription Fees

    Ages-old false rumor claims Facebook is planning to institute a monthly charge for users.  Read More

    by David Mikkelson
  • 15

    15Shave the Date

    A 2013 news story about a man filming in women's bathrooms was misrepresented as having occurred "last weekend" in 2016.  Read More

    by Kim LaCapria
  • 16

    16Banana Bloat

    Photographs show discolored bananas that have likely fallen prey to a fungus, not to being injected with HIV-infected human blood.  Read More

    by Dan Evon
  • 17

    17Arms and the Woman

    A macro presenting Harriet Tubman as a "gun-toting Republican" features a photograph of Mary Fields, not Harriet Tubman.  Read More

    by Dan Evon
    • Apr 22, 2016
    • 8K
  • 18

    18His Princeness

    Online item falsely suggests that Prince played a vital role in basketball star Michael Jordan's commercial success with Nike.  Read More

    by Dan Evon
    • Apr 24, 2016
    • 2K
  • 19

    19City Trickers

    A number of hoax posts appeared on Facebook in early 2016, claiming various celebrities were moving to various small towns.  Read More

    by Kim LaCapria
  • 20

    20Rest and Rescue

    A meme falsely suggests that car headrests were deliberately designed to break windows during emergencies.  Read More

    by Dan Evon
  • 21

    21Coke Joke

    A fake news article claimed that Coca-Cola was recalling Dasani water products after a clear parasite was found in bottles in the United States.  Read More

    by Dan Evon
  • 22

    22Target of Protest

    A photograph of urinals was not taken in the women's bathroom of a Target store, nor has the chain announced plans for such installations.  Read More

    by Dan Evon
  • 23

    23A Gay Old Time

    The United Kingdom's advisory for LGBT travelers specifically cites Mississippi and North Carolina as areas of concern.  Read More

    by Kim LaCapria
  • 24

    24Public Arrest Rooms

    Fake news reports that NC police tased and "brutally ejected" a woman from a ladies' restroom because they thought she was transgender.  Read More

    by Dan Evon
    • Apr 18, 2016
    • 9K
  • 25

    25Chopper Stopper

    Video showing Obama boarding a helicopter without saluting a nearby Marine is shared with the unfounded claim that the pilot refused to let him stay aboard.  Read More

    by Dan Evon