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25 Hottest Urban Legends

This page compiles the 25 urban legends currently circulating most widely, as determined by frequency of access, user searches, reader e-mail, and media coverage.

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Monday, September 01, 2014
      Facebook Messenger
  1. Warning that use of the Facebook Messenger app require user acceptance of many privacy-violating conditions.

      Minimum Drinking Age to be 25
  2. Report that the minimum legal drinking age in the U.S. being raised to twenty-five as of 2 August 2014.

      Arm Amputations Caused by Tug-of-War
  3. Report of two men losing their arms in a grisly tug-of-war contest.

      Charles Shaw Wine
  4. The reasons why Charles Shaw wine is so inexpensive.

      Paramagnetic Paint
  5. Video shows cars with dynamic color-changing paint technology.

      Edible Arrangements
  6. Claim that Edible Arrangements funds the terrorist organization Hamas.

      Yellowstone Volcano
  7. Report that a supervolcano eruption is imminent in Yellowstone Park.

      Obamacare Mandates Microchip Implantation
  8. Claim that Obamacare regulations require Americans to be implanted with RFID microchips.
  9.   Wasp Spray
  10. Article advocates the use of wasp spray instead of pepper spray on assailants.
  11.   Burger King Apple Pie Revenge
  12. Account of a customer buying up all the apple pies at a Burger King to thwart a misbehaving child.
  13.   Urgent Warning About Gardasil
  14. Warning that the Gardasil HPV vaccine has caused the deaths of 32 women.
  15.   Coca-Cola Recall
  16. Report that Coca-Cola is recalling millions of bottles of Coke with the name Michael on the label.
  17.   Instant Noodle WArning
  18. Warning that cups of instant noodles pose a danger to consumers due to their wax coatings.
  19.   Money Bags
  20. Claim that "money bag" months including five Fridays, five Saturdays, and five Sundays occur only once every 800+ years.
  21.   Portuguese Barn Find
  22. Photographs show a barn full of vintage automobiles discovered by the new purchaser of a Portuguese farmhouse.
  23.   Dry Run Hijacking on Flight 297
  24. Account describes Muslims allegedly engaging in a 'dry run' hijacking on AirTran Flight 297.
  25.   A Brief Overview of the Situation
  26. An essay about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict attributed to comedian Dennis Miller.
  27.   Mermaids: The Body Found
  28. Animal Planet documentary purportedly reveals the existence of mermaids.
  29.   Breast Rash
  30. Photograph shows a breast rash caused by South American larvae.
  31.   Whaling Crew Eaten by Killer Whales
  32. Account of a school of killer whales who attacked and kill 16 crewmembers of a whaling boat.
  33.   White Wilderness
  34. Claim that filmmakers staged lemming death scenes for the Disney nature documentary White Wilderness.
  35.   Zodiac Killer
  36. Report that actor Russell Johnson of Gilligan's Island fame has been identified as the Zodiac Killer.
  37.   Cash Back Scam
  38. Warning that retail cashiers steal from customers by tricking them into requesting cash back and then pocketing their money
  39.   Head and Shoulders Video
  40. Video clip purportedly shows the harmful effects of using Head and Shoulders shampoo.
  41.   Facebook Listens
  42. Warning that the Facebook 'Identify TV and Music' app listens to and records sounds through your phone.

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