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Home --> Disney --> Walt Disney --> Suspended Animation

Suspended Animation

Claim:   Walt Frozen Disney Disney arranged to have himself frozen in cryonic chamber full of liquid nitrogen upon his death, and he now awaits the day when medical technology makes his re-animation possible.

Status:   False.

Origins:   When the "frozen Disney" rumor was started, and by whom, is unknown. The privacy Disney maintained concerning his personal life extended to his death, and the lack of details available about his funeral and burial arrangements — combined with his reputation as a technological innovator — has helped foster the story of Disney's cryonic suspension ever since.

Additional Information:

    History of 'frozen Disney' rumor   History of 'frozen Disney' rumor
    Location of Disney's burial site   Location of Walt Disney's burial site
    Plaque marking Disney's burial site   Walt Disney's burial marker
    Disney's death certificate   Walt Disney's death certificate
    Walt Disney's will   Walt Disney's will

Last updated:   24 August 2007

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