Walt Disney
Locating Walt Disney's Burial Site

Forest Lawn map

  • Finding the Cemetery

    The first thing you want to do is make sure you're in the right cemetery! Disney's burial site can be found at Forest Lawn Glendale, not Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills. The Forest Lawn you can see from the Ventura Freeway -- near the intersection of the 5 and the 134, adjacent to the Los Angeles Zoo -- is the wrong one! Do not exit at Forest Lawn Drive! The cemetery you seek can be found at 1712 S. Glendale Avenue in Glendale (see adjacent map). If you should inadvertently end up at Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills, just stop at the information booth and ask them how to get to the other Forest Lawn. (They'll know what you mean -- the two parks are only a few miles apart.)

  • Finding the Burial Site

    As you drive through the entrance of Forest Lawn Glendale, you will be on a road called Cathedral Drive. Stay on this road until you reach eastern edge of the park, where Cathedral Drive intersects Freedom Way. When you reach this intersection, turn right onto Freedom Way. You should quickly see a large court with trees and fountains and statues off to your left. This is Freedom Court. Keep driving until you reach the far end of Freedom Court, where a large mausoleum stands. Pull over to the right-hand side of the street and park. If you are in the right place you should see a '33' painted on the curb opposite your car, indicating that you are at 33 Freedom Way.

Disney burial site

Walk up the steps leading to the mausoleum level, then follow the sidewalk and stop when you are directly in front of the mausoleum. You should now be standing at the base of the steps leading to the main entrance of the Freedom Mausoleum. Turn to your left and walk to the far edge of the steps (but do not go up the steps). You should find a small private garden in the area between the leftmost edge of the mausoleum steps and a brick wall enclosing a courtyard area. The garden is enclosed by a low fence with a gate; inside the fence is a plot of grass, a statue of a seraphim, and a marble bench. Open the gate and enter the garden. You should see an area of dirt planted with trees between you and the brick wall. On this wall, behind the trees, is a plaque listing the names of the people interred in this plot (Walter Elias Disney, Lillian Disney, Sharon Disney, and Robert B. Brown).