A teen boy died of "orgasmic shock" after masturbating 46 times in a row.





In April 2017, Now44News reworked a years-old legend into an article reporting that a teen boy died of “orgasmic shock” immediately after masturbating 46 times in a row:

Jerome Carpenter was found dead in his bedroom after apparently masturbating too much. It is speculated that Jerome was suffering from depression due to being “extremely lonely” and not getting no P*ssy for 3 days.

Jerome’s Mother called Portland police after discovering his corpse in his room. Jerome’s mother told Now44News reporters “1 hour passed since I had called him down for lunch, Jerome was the kind of boy to steal food off your plate when you were not looking, i knew something was wrong when he didn’t come down to eat, he was a great kid” she finished as she began to cry.

Like similar dubious claims, the story had plenty of holes (such as the question of precisely how anyone might have known how many times the boy pleasured himself before suddenly expiring). Now44News appears to be the newest version of known hoax purveyor Now8News, with an identical interface and similar style of content.

Like Now8News, Now44News used an image from an unrelated crime scene photographed in 2013 in Detroit. The snapshot showed the aftermath of a fatal shooting, and had no connection to any masturbation-related death.

Now8News‘ prior hoaxes included claims that a man had sex with a pig in a Walmart restroom; that aborted fetuses were found to be an ingredient in Chicken McNuggets; that Walmart bananas were infested with deadly parasitic worms; that a Walmart shopper was discovered engaging in a sex act with a sausage; that a separate shopper was arrested for “trying on” feminine hygiene products in an aisle at a Walmart; that a jilted man fed his unfaithful fiancee’s remains to her unsuspecting parents; that a man was found cannibalizing a teen inside a haunted house attraction; that a lottery winner died after gold plating his genitalia; that a tube of cookie dough exploded inside a female shoplifter (again at Walmart); that a riot followed a public gastrointestinal incident related to “vodka butt shots“; and that police found bodies in a Satanic dungeon under a Chuck E. Cheese.