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Dear Reader,

With nearly 30 years of fact checks, hoaxes, rumors, and true stories in our archives, the history of Snopes.com is also the history of internet culture itself. We’ve fact-checked everything from questionable email forwards to insidious anti-vaccine misinformation to weird web history to weaponized propaganda. 

We take every topic seriously — a suspect photograph of a cute animal gets the same critical eye as a questionable quote from the president of the United States, because the truth is important no matter what the context.

But like many valuable resources, Snopes.com faces threats that jeopardize its very existence.

Back in 2017, we fought off a takeover attempt by hostile shareholders. Over the last four years, they’ve filed lawsuit after lawsuit to silence us and bleed us dry — including suing us for defamation for telling you, the public, about this case. (In one of our many legal victories to date, the court tossed out their defamation claims.)

Thanks to you, we’ve fought off these lawsuits, winning every major ruling the court has adjudicated to date. But even though we’re on the verge of victory, we cannot get justice and move on from this ordeal without your help.

The news and fact-checking industry is currently experiencing a downturn that has considerably impacted our funding. Coupled with our opponents’ continued efforts to re-litigate the same issues and relentlessly file appeals, we find ourselves facing tumultuous seas and in need of rescue.

To get through these challenges — and the last of these seemingly endless lawsuits — we need thousands of our most dedicated readers to fund our mission and become Snopes Members through this campaign. 

The opposition is betting you won’t join the rescue crew. We need you to prove them wrong and Save Our Snopes.

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We do a lot.

It’s Go Time

Are you ready to join the rescue crew?


We’re sure you have a lot of questions. We’ll answer them the best we can.

Why should I help save Snopes?

We value the truth — and if you’re reading this, you probably do too.

Since 1994, Snopes has been an indispensable resource. We were ahead of our time debunking email forwards, questionable articles, and viral rumors long before they took over the world. We cut our teeth in the misinformation landscape after 9/11 and during the Bush and Obama years. Our archives are essentially a history of the internet since the early 1990s.

But most importantly, we are the internet’s fact-checking resource. Unlike other organizations that primarily cover politics, we tackle everything from weird Disney rumors to faked images to weird memes from reddit to TikTok urban legends. We fill an ecological niche that no one else does. And our newsroom has developed a well-honed nose for sniffing out BS that will be indispensable for the misinformation-flooded years to come.

By saving Snopes, you’ll be saving the history — and future — of internet culture.

What does becoming a Snopes Member mean?

By becoming a member, you’ll get a special account login to view the site without ads, access to the Members-only “Snopes Digest” newsletter, early access to our upcoming community spaces, and the satisfaction of supporting the truth in our time of need.

Memberships purchased through this campaign will be valid for at least one year.

I already made a contribution to save Snopes in 2017. Why should I contribute again if the situation hasn’t changed?

First, thank you so much for your contribution and continued support.

Your contribution actually did save Snopes! Thanks to you, we have been able to fight off these attacks and produce some incredible reporting at the times you need it most. That was all because of you!

The truth is that the situation actually has changed. We are nearing the trial and are in the process of trying to reclaim funds from some of these lawsuits — but the wheels of justice are extremely slow.

With your help, we believe that this campaign will help us get through this and on the other side.

What happens if this campaign doesn’t work?

It’s pretty bad. We cannot go into too many details, but things are looking grim for your favorite fact-checkers. A smaller, hobbled, and less impactful Snopes is a likely result.

When will my rewards arrive?

Your membership and ad-free Snopes experience should be available immediately.

All limited-edition physical reward bundles should arrive in November 2021. If we run into any delays, we will keep you updated at the email address you provided at checkout.

Any gifts ordered from the Snopes Store will arrive two to three weeks after your purchase date.

What is the Rescue Crew Digital Badge?

Badges are digital collectibles that you will soon be able to find in your Snopes account. The rescue crew badge is only available for a limited time and marks your support during this critical time.

I’m already a member. What happens if I purchase a membership?

Thank you for your support during our Founding Member campaign! Your support allowed us to survive 2020. We would not be here without you. Seriously. Rating: True.

If you’re already a member, and your new purchase comes with a membership, we’ll extend your membership term accordingly.

What does it mean to leave a tip on my order?

Think of it as leaving a tip at a restaurant! Any tip you leave on an order in the Snopes store goes directly into the pockets of eligible staff. Learn more about the Snopes Tip Jar.

I really want to help out with a larger contribution to keep you all going. How can I do that?

We would really appreciate your help. Contact us to get the conversation started.

Could you get funding through a lender or another way?

We’ve tried! Trust us. We did not want to end up in this situation. But our legal battles makes partnerships and financing opportunities an enduring challenge.

Are contributions to Snopes tax-deductible?

Contributions to Snopes are not tax-deductible, but every dollar goes towards our mission of fighting misinformation.

I’m not in a position to financially support Snopes right now. What else can I do to help?

We understand if you can’t make a contribution right now — it’s been a tumultuous year. But there’s still plenty to do to help us out:

Spread the word about this campaign! We need your help getting the message out. Tell your friends, family, colleagues, and everyone who values the truth. Share this page! Share our store!  

Turn off ad blockers! Ads are a major way we fund our work. Please turn them off for Snopes.com.

Share our fact checks! If you learned something new or want to fight against that sketchy meme you saw in your news feed, give us a post! Spread the love and share the knowledge.

Sign up for our newsletters! Don’t rely on platforms like Google and Facebook to tell you what’s important with their algorithmically sorted feeds. Get our stories directly in your inbox by signing up for one of our newsletters.
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