Claim:   Charlie Daniels is the author of ‘An Open Letter to the Hollywood Bunch.’

Status:   True.

Example:   [Collected on the Internet, 2003]

An Open Letter To The Hollywood Bunch

Ok let’s just say for a moment you bunch of pampered, overpaid, unrealistic children had your way and the U.S.A. didn’t go into Iraq.

Let’s say that you really get your way and we destroy all our nuclear weapons and stick daisies in our gun barrels and sit around with some white wine and cheese and pat ourselves on the back, so proud of what
we’ve done for world peace.

Let’s say that we cut the military budget to just enough to keep the National Guard on hand to help out with floods and fires.

Let’s say that we close down our military bases all over the world and bring the troops home, increase our foreign aid and drop all the trade sanctions against everybody.

I suppose that in your fantasy world this would create a utopian world where everybody would live in peace. After all, the great monster, the United States of America, the cause of all the world’s trouble would
have disbanded it’s horrible military and certainly all the other countries of the world would follow suit . . .

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Origins:   This “Open Letter to the Hollywood Bunch” was penned by musician Charlie Daniels, who reguarly writes opinion pieces about political issues and posts them to the Charlie’s Soapbox” section of his web site. This particular piece can be found in his Soapbox Article Archive for 2003.

Last updated:   13 September 2007