A photograph shows a Palestinian boy after he was shot in the heart by an Israeli soldier during the First Intifada.





In January 2017, an image purportedly showing a young Palestinian boy after he was shot in the heart by an Israeli soldier was recirculated on social media:

The unarmed Palestinian boy just after being shot by an Israeli Police giving his last and freezing look at his killer…Why doesn’t this picture become viral and shared by people on their Facebook wall…why…?? why…?? why…???

israeli boy

This image has been circulating for several years and is often attached to a more detailed claim which asserted that this is a photograph was taken between 1987 and 1993 during the First Intifada:

twitter image

This image does not show the death of a young Palestinian boy; rather, it is a still frame taken from the 2012 film Mamlakat al-Naml (Kingdom of Ants). The scene depicted in the image can be glimpsed at the 3:34 mark of the movie’s trailer:

Kingdom of Ants was directed by Chawki Mejri and was first released in Tunisia in March 2012:

Palestinians have deep-rooted traditions. Although they have not yet been able to beat their oppressors, they have not yet learned the philosophy of defeat. Their enemy saw this in them and director Chawki al-Mejri wanted to show it to the entire world.

Mamlakat al-Naml (The Kingdom of Ants), coming soon to Lebanese theaters, is a poetic portrayal of Palestine in cinema.

The film does not document the Palestinian struggle. Rather, it weaves legends that touch the heart and not the mind.


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