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FEMA Earthquake Drill Disrupting California Primary

7 June 2016 - A FEMA drill scheduled in the Pacific Northwest on 7 June 2016 won't affect the state of California at all.

Is FEMA Offering Hazard Pay Due to COVID-19?

30 July 2020 - Hyperlinks are often included to provide additional information ... or, in this case, punchlines.

Floridians Can Obtain Food Stamp Benefits If Their Power Went Out During Hurricane Irma?

15 September 2017 - A series of Facebook rumors about food stamp benefits for post-Irma Florida residents have a grain of truth to them but elide important facts.

Who Left a Huge Stockpile of Bottled Water Sitting on a Puerto Rico Landing Strip?

13 September 2018 - An estimated 20,000 pallets of water bottles have been sitting on a landing strip in Puerto Rico since after Hurricane Maria devastated the island in September 2017.

Big Contracts, No Storm Tarps for Puerto Rico

28 November 2017 - A newly created Florida company with an unproven record never delivered urgently needed supplies, which even months later remain in demand on the island.

Does FEMA Use Waffle House Closures to Determine How Bad a Disaster Is?

30 November 2015 - FEMA's informal "Waffle House Index" disaster measurement metric exists, but it isn't as integral as rumors have suggested.

Did Trump Order FEMA to ‘Send No More Money’ for California Wildfire Aid?

10 January 2019 - President Trump has threatened to cut off aid to California unless authorities changed their forest management policies. Did he go one step further in early 2019?

DHS Says FEMA Money Transfer Won’t Harm Hurricane Relief

12 September 2018 - The Homeland Security Department is pushing back against a Democratic U.S. senator's claim that the Trump administration transferred nearly $10 million from the government's disaster relief agency to immigration enforcement.

Russian Forces to Provide Security at U.S. Events

5 July 2013 - Will Russian forces be providing security at large events in the U.S.?

Count on Hurricanes to Spark Storms of Online Misinformation

2 September 2019 - The names of hurricanes may change, but one thing seems to stay the same: Misinformation spreads quickly during these dangerous storms.

Are Hotels Required to Accept Pets During Natural Disasters?

7 September 2017 - Neither FEMA nor the 2006 PETS law requires hotels and motels to accommodate pets during emergencies.

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