Appendix 3: Court Findings Regarding Polyakov Companies

Published Feb 11, 2020

Direct Quotes From Court Findings Regarding Polyakov Companies

Gilfanov v. Polakov (document)

In or about July 2013, Dr. Polyakov became involved in other businesses involving casual dating that he grouped under the name “Together Networks”. The Together Networks business was owned by the 3rd respondent, Phoenix Holdings Ltd., a British Virgin Islands company (“Phoenix” or “the Company”). The capital of Phoenix was owned by the 2nd respondent, Valeriy Polyakov, the father of Dr. Polyakov (“Mr. Polyakov Senior”).

On 28th October 2013, Mr. Polyakov Senior entered into an agreement with the appellants for the sale of shares in Phoenix (“the Share Transfer Agreement”). Phoenix owns Grendall Investments Limited (“Grendall”), another BVI company. Grendall owns substantial interests in the Together Networks business.

Mr. Gilfanov’s evidence is that the respondents did not inform the appellants that the articles of association of Phoenix allowed the Company to issue profit interest shares, and represented that apart from the appellants and Mr. Polyakov Senior there were no other shareholders in the Company. [...] In September 2014, the appellants received a certificate of incumbency from the Company showing that apart from the 1,000,000 common shares there were also 481,000 issued profit interest shares divided between Dr. Polyakov and a Mr. James Watt.

Zoobuh, Inc. v. Alcuda, Ltd (document)

By no later than October 2012, all the domain names identified in ZooBuh’s complaint were under the ownership of Defendant, Alcuda Ltd. and its parent company Bulova Invest Ltd., in which Maxym Polykov was a shareholder.

Maxym Polyakov was the co-investor, founder and director of Defendant Alcuda, Ltd. and Bulova, Invest, Ltd. He own Bulova Invest, Ltd. through another entity, Grendall Investments Limited.


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