Note: Slovenian Money Flows

Transfers of money originating from Together Networks related entities to Hong Kong as recorded in Slovenian government records.

Published Oct 5, 2022

Since November 2016, the Office of the Republic of Slovenia for the Prevention of Money Laundering has published data on "cash transactions and remittances to risky countries." By law, any transfer of cash involving the Slovenian financial system that exceeds 15,000 EUR and involves "jurisdictions with a higher risk of money laundering and terrorist financing" must be reported to the Slovenian Government. These data are then published online by Slovenia on a semi-regular basis.

Several companies previously identified by Snopes as relating to the operation of Together Networks dating websites appear in these Slovenian records, which span 2018 to 2020. The raw data for these records can be found here:

These data form the basis of this database of transfers created by Snopes:

[Snopes Database]

Several Slovenian- and Bulgarian-registered shell companies appearing in these records are recorded as having transferred large sums of money to companies that shared an address with Digitroom Holding Limited at the time.

Together Networks Linked Flows to Dannies House

The Hong Kong address at the receiving end of transfers, which was also the address of Digitroom Holdings until 2020, is:


According to the Slovenian records, at least two companies at this address received transfers from companies previously identified by Snopes as linked to online dating entities in general or Together Networks specifically:


Transfers to these Hong Kong companies were initiated by three companies Snopes tied to Polyakov's dating empire:


Inobite owns Aneto Interactive Limited, which processes credit card charges for Together Networks websites. Between August and October 2018, it transferred 80,361 EUR to Whitecom Limited. Inobite is owned by a current or recent employee of Together Networks identified by Snopes as "Individual Two" in part three of this series.

Marbore owns or has been listed as owning the copyright for several Together Networks dating sites. Between November and December 2018, it transferred 284,976 USD and 82,000 EUR to Laneric Limited.

Posets Code Ltd owns the copyright to an online dating app sold by Skyrora Ventures subsidiary Orbitonix. In December 2018, it transferred 518,594 USD to Laneric Limited.

The company's ultimate owner is a close associate or one-time employee of Noosphere Ventures.

Other Potentially Linked Flows to Dannies House

Having established that companies already identified by Snopes as involved in the operation of Together Networks transferred money to these anonymous (at least to Snopes) Hong Kong companies, Snopes then looked within the Slovenian records for other companies that sent money that way. Two additional Slovenian entities have transferred funds to these those two Hong Kong companies:


These two companies appear to be owned by individuals currently or formerly employed Together Networks-linked companies.

Hostline transferred 332,553 USD and 63,455 EUR to Laneric Limited between June 2018 and December 2018.  This company's beneficial owner matches the name of someone who, according to their Linkedin profile, previously worked for both Cupid plc and Together Networks.

Xenolith transferred 20,509 USD and 90,102 EUR to Whitecom Limited in December 2018. The name listed as this company's beneficial owner matches the name of an individual who has worked at Together Networks, according to their Linkedin profile, since 2014.

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