Business Card, Paper, Text
’18 Reasons I Won’t Be Getting a COVID Vaccine’ Post Filled With Reckless Falsehoods
  • 16 April 2021
A blog post riddled with misinformation is effectively a "Now That's What I Call Music"...
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Jackie Robinson Signing Autographs
Did Racism Kill Jackie Robinson?
  • 1 April 2021
Research has shown that enduring structural and everyday racism can have serious negative consequences for...
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Couple in bed
How Lockdown Changed the Sex Lives of Young Adults
  • 30 March 2021
COVID restrictions disproportionately affected young adults, who are more likely than older adults to be...
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Nofap: Can Giving Up Masturbation Really Boost Men’s Testosterone Levels?
  • 29 March 2021
Nofap is a growing online movement devoted to giving up masturbation and even sex for...
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Face, Person, Human
What Is ‘Excited Delirium’ and Why Is It Controversial?
  • 26 March 2021
The public most often sees the term invoked in news stories about cases involving deaths...
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Geert Vanden Bossche Stokes Fear of COVID-19 Vaccine To Promote His Own Flawed ‘Solution’
  • 26 March 2021
Anti-vaccine activists are promoting a veterinarian's claim that the only way to prevent a future...
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processed meat
Dementia: Is Processed Meat Another Risk Factor?
  • 25 March 2021
Studies that examine an association between the consumption of a specific food and an increased...
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Can you hear me?
New Study Confirms Link Between COVID and Hearing Loss, Tinnitus, and Vertigo
  • 22 March 2021
A rapid systematic review of COVID-19 and hearing difficulties revealed a possible link between COVID-19...
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Sex Shop Signs At Night
‘Sex Addiction’ Isn’t a Justification for Killing, Or Really an Addiction
  • 20 March 2021
Sex addiction is not a recognized disorder in the mental health community.
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Person, Human, Poster
One Year at the Center of the Infodemic
  • 11 March 2021
The end of the COVID-19 pandemic is coming into view, but the misinformation infodemic is...
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COVID Texas face mask
States Drop COVID-19 Mask Mandates But Still Urge People to Wear Them
  • 7 March 2021
An emerging trend of some states is bucking national and international public health recommendations.
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Baby food
How Safe Is Your Baby Food? Company Reports Show Arsenic, Lead and Other Heavy Metals
  • 22 February 2021
Heavy metals including lead, arsenic and mercury can be found in commercial baby foods at...
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