An Edible Tape To Hold Your Burrito Together?

Students claim they’ve found the solution to your messy meal problems.

Published May 24, 2022

 (Bernard Dupont/Wikimedia Commons)
Image courtesy of Bernard Dupont/Wikimedia Commons

A team of students from Johns Hopkins says they’ve created an edible tape that will solve all your messy burrito problems. 

"Tastee Tape" was designed by an all-women group of Johns Hopkins University undergraduate engineering students as part of their annual Design Day projects showcase. According to the university, the tape is “an edible adhesive comprising a food-grade fibrous scaffold and an organic adhesive that ensures the ingredients in your favorite wrap are kept tucked tightly inside during cooking and consumption.”

The team tested a multitude of ingredients but declined to disclose the formula as they are applying for a patent. According to Hopkins:

Months spent prototyping resulted in rectangular strips measuring half an inch by two inches. These come affixed to sheets of waxed paper. To use, simply remove a strip from the sheet, wet thoroughly to activate, and apply to your lunch, dinner, or favorite snack. The team members put their invention to the test on "too many burritos to count," but are confident in the quality of their product.

Rachel Nie, one of the students behind the design said, “There’s nothing like this product on the market. We are the only edible tape.” The team added that they would be open to selling the patent down the line.

At the moment, the tape is not publicly available or for sale, so we have no way of verifying its effectiveness.


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