SURVEY: What Would You Do With a $1,000 Tax Refund in 2022?

Buy new clothes? Pay down your debt? Have your say.

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As we approach the annual U.S. tax deadline of April 18, millions of U.S. taxpayers will be fantasizing about their refund (or dreading the prospect of owing even more to the IRS). 

It’s been a difficult 12 months for so many of us, especially financially, so we want to know: What would you do if you got $1,000 back from your taxes?

Now, we know some of you may have already worked it out, and are expecting to owe extra. Or you’ve calculated that you’ll be getting a refund significantly larger than a thousand bucks. 

Whatever the case may be, we want to try out a little thought experiment. Imagine you receive a $1,000 tax refund this year. What would you spend it on? 

Have your say by taking the Snopes/OnTheIssues 2022 Tax Refund Survey.

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  1. This story was corrected to note Tax Day is April 18, not April 15, in 2022.
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